Monday, February 25, 2013

Amirah Elisa

Toink Toink. Hey Mira :) This is your special day. it has finally come your way. i wish u to be happy in whatever u do, and your birthday to be lovely, exactly like u :) *sweet x?? haha

we are not too near in miles but it just a miles. you are close in my heart.
i wish you a very warm Happy Birthday.
a big hug from the distance :')
*ayat curi dari encik google*

On your 20th birthday, here my 20 wishes for u.

May Allah bless your day my friend.  
May Allah brings u all your heart desires.

Jangan lupa Allah. Jadi anak yang solehah. 
Allah is always there for u. Never doubt it

All the best in your study. we share the same dreams :)
Be you. Be the awesome u like now. how i admire to be like u.

Have faith in your abilities

Wash your heart everyday with solat and warm it up with zikir :)

Do good. Always forgive. Harm no one. and Be positive. InsyaAllah u'll live in happier life

Keep smiling and remember me. ihiks

Forever is a long time but i wouldn't mind spending it by ur side. friend till jannah. insyaAllah.

be crazy be stupid be silly be weird be whatever. because life is too short. enjoy it.

jangan lupe jalan balik malaysia k. 
menunngu "mr right" dengan penuh kesabaran. haha

semoga cepat kawen. muehehehe. ibu dah cari calon tu, ape lagi.... oopppssss

we know each other more than 10 years. and i hope we are still be friend for next 10 year

nanti jemput lah datang majlis saya. *dah start mengarut. pointless.

thanks for being my friend. good friend. best friend. 

mira comel. cantik. cun. ayu. baik. sopan. santun. lemah. lembut. Heeeeee :)

nothing that i can give to u for ur present. only doa.
i love u lillah hi taala. :)
ku sudah rindu kamu...........

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