Friday, September 16, 2011

first sight love

Love is the best feeling on the Earth. This is a miracle and not all people are blessed to experience it. Writers and composers glorify this amazing feeling. Simple people are ready to do their best to experience it. But what psychologists think about this phenomenon? They say that Love can be different: love-friendship, love-care, love-fight and of course love at first sight. What do you think about this last type? Is it possible?

it actually depend on individual to believe or  not... but there are some fact about :: LOVE AT THE FIRST SIGHT ::

1. Biologists prove that Love at first sight is the most effective type of this feeling!
2. Men experience it more often than women!
3. Do you know how much time to you need to fall in love? Only 30 seconds!!!
4. Love at first sight more often appears when people are absolutely different. This is why tall men love small women, blonds love brunettes and vice versa!
5. The most important things for love at first sight are appearance, voice and gestures!

but of course you should remember that love at the first sight cannot be eternal. There are two ways for this wonderful flame! It can disappear but can also become stronger and turned to be a genuine, true love. And then this will mean that you are really two parts of a single whole!

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