Monday, July 18, 2011


i always wish that someday i can find someone which is WOW in every single thing...
like super hero for me.. :) only me!!
meaning that he must WOW in religion, of course!
WOW in his career
his love and care also WOW toward me
i'm waiting for my mr.right
who can take care of me like my parent
who can guide me like my brothers
who can listen to my problem without i said anything
who can lend me shoulder to cry on
who can accept me and all the things related to me
who will love me till the end
my family *abah, ma, abg long, abg yie, ak, faiz, fareez, nurul*we are a family
having dad that sometime fierce, 
sometime did not care anything
but he is kind, loving and 
always want his children success in life..
willing to do anything to give the best for us
mom that always babbler just because single mistake
mom that are willing to wake up early in morning to prepare breakfast
mom that i always miss when i stay away from her
mom that never will be replace
having brothers is like having a best friend
that you can't get rid of..
you know whatever you do, 
they will still be there for you...
there is no other love is like the love for brothers
and there is no other love is like the love from brothers
i am born lucky because have a brother like you :)
sister..younger cuter sister..haha..
there is no word can explain how much i love you..
it is more than everything...
love you..
friends, you are my world
friends who are believe me 
when i have ceased to believe in myself
you all sometimes might be a crazy friends,
but you have two ears that would hear my problems,
you would not always know what to say 
but you will try to help me out of the best that you can
you always give me support and a shoulder to cry on
you will give me hug to help calm me down
you will me laugh when i wanna cry
you are always walk in 
when the others walk out in my life..
if i wanna write down all my friends' names here
it take too much time..
although you are not in my are in my heart
forever..!! permanent..!!
just credits to Muhammad Anis Al-Hafidz for being my best friend more or less for 10 years..

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