Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Guess what? clue: once a month.

"you shouldn't say 'I love you' that often because it loses its meaning"

No matter what, always leave them 
to sleep, 
to go home,
 or whenever separated, 
with an 
'I love you'.

People love to be reminded of it. 
They love hearing it..
especially after fights and problems
because we often assume that love is breaking or fading after our quarrels and we need this reassurance.
We really need to hear it.

Family problems, 
couples mistakes, 
stress and life issues 
always end up forcing us to say something hurtful.
But why not tell them that you really love them despite that?
No matter how hard it is to say it and how much you feel like lying to yourself, 
it will make you feel better and make them feel better.
It will soften both of you even if it seemed not to. That's the way we just are.

Don't let them sleep with suspicions and false assumptions.

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